This page is just one man's opinion of highly useful and/or fun links on the net. Some are achingly obvious, others not so much. All will open in a new window Ya gotta look stuff up

Tiny URL  Because sending today's massively long URLs to people typically results in broken addresses in emails.

Internet Movie Database  To answer that nagging "I know I've seen that actor" question

Neopet Daily Freebies  How to get free stuff every day on Neopets

Online Conversion  If you need to convert any measurement, etc  to anything else, this is your site

Boston Globe Sports Pages  Hey, I'm from New England. The Sox, Pats, Celtics, and Bruins are all red-hot. The only place to really follow these teams. (Free registration may be required for some articles)


It's Deductible Do you use TurboTax? Do you itemize? Do you donate items to charity?  If you don’t use the free It’s Deductible service, you’re throwing money away, pure and simple.


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