Frequent These Establishments!

FANTASTIC Japanese-style ramen joint right here in Suwanee! Umaido is Inexpensive, healthy, and REALLY good. In the plaza next to Super H-Mart. EVERYTHING is hand made on premise, no MSG, wonderful stuff.

The best addition to Gwinnett dining in years: Luciano's. What's stunning about Luciano's is that it's upscale Italian, brought to you by Norsan, the people behind La Frontera. They've nailed it. Doesn't hurt that the executive chef is John Soilis, formerly of Buckhead Life's Pricci.

Aqua Terra! Aqua Terra! Aqua Terra! Flat-out, the best restaurant in Gwinnett County. I'll match it against ANYTHING inside the perimeter.

La Frontera is a locally owned Atlanta chain serving great Mexican food. Always reliable with the usual dishes (Tacos, burritos, etc), and occasionally spectacular with their specialty items. Perhaps the best sign of the quality of the restaurant: the clientele is a happy mix of Latino & Gringo.

Fast food that's reasonably healthy? Yup, it exists. Even though it's a franchise, I really like ROLY POLY. They specialize in rolled sandwiches (wraps, as many now call them). Anyone can find something they like here. Of their 50 sandwiches, 14 are vegetarian, and juist by asking for no cheese most of those would satisfy a vegan. Carnivorous? Fear not. Roly Poly has beef, turkey, ham, roast pork, chicken, and seafood. Check out their website for a full look at the menu.

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